Searching for the Good Life

With the inspiration of reason and emotion we’re led on a remarkable odyssey for happiness and the Good Life. This quest, the marvelous gift of our minds, is practically unseen anywhere else.

Many people think they’ve found good living with diversions like recreational drugs, senseless entertainment, and materialistic fantasies. It’s a horrific shame to see the neutralization of our minds’ endowments. Although these distractions aren’t evil in their own right, their indulgence inevitably caps creativity.

Committing to these distractions is a guaranteed course against self-fulfillment and genuine happiness. An important step on the drive for genuine happiness is to see beyond these empty vices.

The next step is to recognize the relativity of most social norms. Many of these values function to create economic stability, and don’t reflect universal, absolute moral mandates. The only mandates you should feel are your own. Never lose sight of the primacy of yourself.

Immediately drop the cultural blinders that create a craving for social status. Since the apex of economic productivity is fame and fortune, it’s important to recognize their futility when it comes to happiness. Obsessing over status and ego isn’t a part of this odyssey. Only take the journey when you’re ready to do it for yourself.

Clean living is never boisterous, so I choose to share my thoughts with the hope of inspiring even a handful of others to share their experiences, to inspire me. A happy life is the biggest of lives to live, but it’s rarely lived alone. Like all things, individuality has to be put on balance with community. Let’s trade the power of ideas and watch that insurmountable power of community as it grows.

For a little background music for the search, have a listen to ‘Searching’ by Blackalicious.

For more inspiration check out the song ‘Push’ by Common Market. With masterful lyricsm they illustrate how the same energy of the social pressures that hold us back can be turned around to break a path towards true freedom.

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2 Responses to “Searching for the Good Life”

  1. This is so insightful Dave! I could not agree more! I hope your odyssey of the east proves to be as fullfilling and beautiful as your photos! Best wishes on your travels!

    • Dave says:

      Thank you so much Jen! Your kind words have surely only fueled the fire. I hope the journey takes me to southern California sometime soon!

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