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Day at the Office: Batu Bagi, Bali, Indonesia

Malaysian Food: Roti Cheese

Anyone vaguely familiar with Indian food knows about their delicious breads: Naan, Chapati, Pashti, Tandoori, Roti…The list goes on. It turns out that the Malaysians have adopted Roti as a classic breakfast, and I quickly found myself addicted to this little custom.

And the absolute king of the roti options is roti cheese. The beauty is that you can add anything to the inside that you please, like mushrooms and onions.

Yes it’s such a simple delight, practically a grilled cheese sandwich, but when you get it done by someone who knows what they’re doing, you’re in for a real treat. Make sure to watch the guy toss the dough around: it takes some serious skill to get it just right!

Since this is the classic breakfast, you’ll want all the fixins. A plate of fruit, “Nescafe Ice” and some type of curry, my preference is for Daal Curry.

Roti can be found on every corner of every block, but one place that’s got it down is the restaurant just outside the Wangsa Maju LRT station in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a bit of a haul to get out there, but I think it might even be worth a special trip.

Malaysian Food: Chinese Style (Fried Noodles)

The plethora of Malaysian delicacies tend to take a stylistic twist on the versions you can find in their native lands. Malaysians seem to have a way of making the originals fattier and juicier, or in short, much more delicious. I wanted to try the Malaysian stylings on a dish I’d grown quite accustomed to in China: fried noodles.

Right away, everything looked in proper order: ramen noodles, green beans, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, and baby corn.

I was intrigued by this little variation though: oyster sauce. Processed oyster sauce is one of a very short list of foods I simply can’t do, so I was a little nervous. After the handsome reward of that first bite I learned there was no need to worry in the first place. I washed this mee hailom with yet another teh ice, that delicious Malaysian milky tea.

You can find fried noodles nearly everywhere, but this particular dish was enjoyed at the restaurant just outside the Wangsa Maju LRT station in Kuala Lumpur.

Crown City Rockers – B-Boy

Not too many groups in the hip-hop world can pull off the organic feel that Crown City Rockers flow with. If this song isn’t the anthem of the b-boys and b-girls out there, I dunno what is.

Shifting from the Old American Dream to the New American Dream

As World War II and America’s industrialization came to a close, the Old American Dream was mythologized for the creation of a new consumer society.

The tune rang true for some time; people went to college, started careers and built financially-independent families.

Nearly imperceptibly the foundations of this dream were hollowed out by the globalization of finance and trading. By now it’s painfully obvious that selling out American industry is the root of our pain. Since the Old American Dream has unceremoniously fizzled out, we’ve gotta look towards new opportunities.

In living the New American Dream, I’ve had to export myself to foreign cultures as well. This little irony is overcome by the opportunity to pursue my passions as a cultural explorer, but I’ll never forget the privileges of my birth that make it all possible. My gypsy lifestyle knows little opulence, but it’s as sure as rain a step above the two billion who live on a dollar a day.

An amazing family photoed in their home during our project to bring water to their village.

Living without basic necessities in question is more of a blessing than we might think. Generations before us laid their bodies on the machine for the dream of building a better society. We can’t forget their sacrifices while we enjoy the greatest expansion of leisure time since the whole experiment of civilization began. More paths have opened to the Good Life than we have ever collectively dreamt of. The question is, what path to do you take?

For now, mine’s a life is on the road. (I had to choose this pic since I’m in full tourist mode here.)

The act of teaching English provides little fulfillment in itself, but the combination of decent wages, low living costs and long vacations bring opportunities to explore and find continuous personal growth. My lifelong goals have yet to reach the horizon, but I see many trails into that horizon, causing the greatest elation I’ve ever felt. Travel Transmissions is an offering to you and yours’ of my experiences living the New American Dream. Come share yours’ as well!

Malaysian Food: Middle-Eastern Style

Today I felt like I’d already sampled enough of Malaysia’s big three (Malay, Indian and Chinese) foods, so we decided to take a look at another side of Malaysian eatery: Arabic cuisine.

We figured we might as well go all out for a full Middle-Eastern lunch experience.

A plate of chicken shwarma with a generous portion of Arabic bread to shovel it in, Malaysian Ice Tea (with milk), and a kiwi/mint shisha for full-effect. You can be sure this meal dealt maximum pleasure doses: taking it slow, savoring every flavor, reflecting on the day and enjoying good conversation. This is what eating and the Good Life are all about!

I’ve been on a rigorous mission to get fat in Malaysia. There can’t be too many other places where it’s so damn easy to do so! A good two hours of Arabian bliss pass by, we reach the end of the glorious meal and I check my belly for expansion: maximum capacity, but still a long way to reaching that fatty goal (damn)!

Good Life Rating = 5
Cause they wouldn’t call gluttony a sin if it didn’t feel so good.

Malaysian Food: ABC Special

Malaysians have all kinds of simple culinary wonders, and even the drinks and deserts will rock your world. The ABC drinks can be found all over the place. ABC=air batu campur, translating into mixed ice. Vendors do it anyway they please, and unfortunately this round featured my drink without avocado.

Pictured here we obviously have the shaved ice, with that oh-so-sweet syrup we’re practically addicted to, red beans, peanuts, jelly fruits and vanilla bean ice cream.

Good Life Rating = 4
Since I’ve got a special place in my heart for anything food or drink-related that makes me happy.

Blackalicious – World of Vibrations

It looks like Blackalicious is becoming the backbone of the soundtrack to the Good Life, so maybe it’s time to justify my emphasis on the great words of The Gift of Gab. No one can sell the phenomenon better than himself, so I’d like to invite you to the world of vibrations, a place where you know and live your truest true self:

Bob Marley & the Wailers – Positive Vibrations (Live in Germany, 1980)

Who better to kick off the Positive Vibrations channel than the King of Reggae and the Rastaman Vibration himself, Bob Marley? Revered as a legend by most, and a hero by others, the man’s increasing popularity 30+ years after his passing is a testament to the strength of his words, his music and the foundation of what he stood for. A true follower of the Good Life! If only I’d been fortunate enough to have been alive during his time. Even the video shows that his energy and power are touching a whole ‘nother level.

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