Malaysian Food: Middle-Eastern Style

Today I felt like I’d already sampled enough of Malaysia’s big three (Malay, Indian and Chinese) foods, so we decided to take a look at another side of Malaysian eatery: Arabic cuisine.

We figured we might as well go all out for a full Middle-Eastern lunch experience.

A plate of chicken shwarma with a generous portion of Arabic bread to shovel it in, Malaysian Ice Tea (with milk), and a kiwi/mint shisha for full-effect. You can be sure this meal dealt maximum pleasure doses: taking it slow, savoring every flavor, reflecting on the day and enjoying good conversation. This is what eating and the Good Life are all about!

I’ve been on a rigorous mission to get fat in Malaysia. There can’t be too many other places where it’s so damn easy to do so! A good two hours of Arabian bliss pass by, we reach the end of the glorious meal and I check my belly for expansion: maximum capacity, but still a long way to reaching that fatty goal (damn)!

Good Life Rating = 5
Cause they wouldn’t call gluttony a sin if it didn’t feel so good.

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One Response to “Malaysian Food: Middle-Eastern Style”

  1. Danielle says:

    It seems delicious. I will try it there soon. thanks for this post :)

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