The Call to Consciousness and Jill Taylor’s Stroke of Insight

Everyone agrees that the world is a problematic place these days, but no one can agree how to fix it. All too often, we fail to look inside for the source of our troubles. Although the developing world presents exceptions, political and economic programs are mostly ineffective since they only jab at the exterior of the problem. I’m of the opinion that we have to change ourselves before anything meaningful ever happens.

Dig deep enough, and we’ll find a crisis of conscience. The modern psyche’s resounding materialism comes at a high cost to its spirituality. The time has come to take a deeper look into the relationship between mind, brain and spirit.

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Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuroscientist who suffered from a stroke that caused the left hemisphere of her brain to shut down. Being that this hemisphere is responsible for creating the illusion of separateness, she experienced a total unity with the universe while she was temporarily residing in her right hemisphere.

She was lucky enough to come back from her trans-dimensional travel to share her experience with the rest of us. She describes humans as energy beings connected to a physical body with manual dexterity. We harness an enormous amount of unknown potential that she assures us we have to be more serious about exploring. I’d like the heed the call of her message to delve into the realm of consciousness and see what we might discover to grow our collective consciousness to a new plane .

Perhaps you’re wondering what this has to do with travel, but it’s connected in every way. Traveling is a window into the world of differing cultures and mind frames. Putting sincere energy into travel inevitably demonstrates the diversity and power of our minds, so it’s the perfect primer for such a call to consciousness. Traveling is a great first step amongst many others to solve our crisis of consciousness.

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Travel can be a kind of monasticism on the move: On the road, we often live more simply, with no more possessions than we can carry, and surrendering ourselves to chance. This is what Camus meant when he said that “what gives value to travel is fear”—disruption, in other words (or emancipation), from circumstance, and all the habits behind which we hide.
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