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The Mystery of the Hobbit – Homo floresiensis

When I was on the island of Flores in Indonesia, I couldn’t pass up the chance to geek out on the anthropological mystery of “The Hobbit species” Homo floresiensis. We have yet to figure out where they came from, how they got there, and what happened to the little guys. Worse yet a fierce debate broke out about whether or not they were just a diseased population of modern Homo sapiens.

Meet Dave

Unfulfilled by consumer lifestyles, I left on a really slow trip around the world. Following my New American Dream, I wanna help you maximize your potential with my writing, photography & videography.

Still living the work/save/travel cycle, I’m unceremoniously using my anthropology degree to teach English throughout Asia. The highs and lows of expat living gave me a taste for the New American Dream, and a disgust for the mind-numbing, soul-sucking experience of career jobbing. When I realized the habit of selling my time would only crush my dreams, I decided to break the cycle, bust out the creative edge, and find a work to call my own.

Pursuit of HappinessOf course jobbing’s an inevitability, but I’m not gonna retire just in time to drop dead. No no, I found a nice alternative: sell my stuff, hit the road and work short-term jobs to complement a life of travel (the options of which are especially nice for native English speakers). These are just some amongst many damn-fine strategies in the Pursuit of Happiness.

What makes me happy, the question bouncing off cranial walls for eons, is the path itself towards actualization and self-fulfillment. Extraordinary experiences along the path are rewarded through “flow,” a space where time is non-existent. The body knows it in the sweet carnal pleasures: the more strenuous, the better. The mind finds it in aesthetics, art, relationships…and with the soul, the possibilities are endless.

Expanding ConsciousnessTaking soul control puts you outside yourself, an experience that’s frightening but essential for learning to surrender to forces greater than yourself. Working through the discomforts of extraordinary states of mind brings perspective, our innate ability to become better beings.

Our next evolutionary challenge is to cross the fundamentally spiritual technologies of antiquity with material technologies of today. This is serious stuff. On this mission I’m all for traveling to places that the eye can’t see, expanding consciousness through music, dance, meditation, lucid dreaming and entheogens. A word to the wise: Travel Transmissions is my own exploration of self-mastery, so don’t believe a thing you read till you see it for yourself!

Travel TransmissionsIf you’re looking for the “Top 10 Things to do in Xanadu,” keep moving right along. Stressing quality over quantity, it’ll take time to build this, but I promise it’ll be worth the ride. Why read something as out there as a psycho-spiritual-travel blog? Because I’m on a hunt for the emancipation of the mind and can’t do it alone! Travel Transmissions is my hub to connect with like-minded people throughout the world. The travelers of spaceship Earth have a lot to share and I’m particularly excited by transmissions from beyond. Of course you can also find travel photos, videos and tips on the site as well, but they’re all set against the story of a gypsy soul, shifting shape along the trails of evermore. Traveling isn’t an escape, it’s a way of life.

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Meet Dave

Meet DaveUnfulfilled by consumer lifestyles, I left on a really slow trip around the world. As a 3rd eye traveler on the New American Dream, my aim is to inspire and cultivate conscious living along the way....Read More...

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Cliffjumping Hong Kong & Malaysia

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The newspaper lies, the radio lies, the TV lies, the streets howl with truth.
Henry Miller



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