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One element few of us can do without is sound. Mash it, re-arrange it and harmonize it with rhythm over beats and you’ve got a hell of an impact. The effect reaches so deep it’s no wonder that some of the most backwards societies have banned music. A lot of these tunes are bass-heavy selections, so be sure you can pump the bass tones through your head, or even better through your chest. Criticizing music isn’t as worthy as praising and sharing it, so I’d like to present my favorites under three categories:

Conscious Music

Dance Music

Positive Vibrations

Chillout Music

Sonic Bloom 2014 Preview

SONIC BLOOM, the nation’s premier boutique electronic music festival, is pleased to announce their initial lineup including Tipper, EOTO, The Polish Ambassador, Ott, Random Rab, Desert Dwellers and Shpongle!

The festival will once again be held during the Summer Solstice on June 19-22, 2014, at a gorgeous new site location, The American Safari Ranch in South Park, Colorado.

Featuring a breathtaking 360 degree mountain panorama and views of the continental divide, this new site in South Park is purely Colorado.

The size of the site will allow for a car camping option, meaning no more shuttles, just a short walk from the stage to cars and campsites. There will be an indoor saloon with a bar, games and a DJ booth and VIP packages will include multiple optional on-site lodging packages.

In his only appearance in Colorado in 2014, Tipper will be performing two sets at SONIC BLOOM with accompaniment from legendary visual artists Android Jones & Johnathan Singer. SONIC BLOOM is also pleased to present the return of EOTO who played their very gig at the first SONIC BLOOM back in 2006 plus The Polish Ambassador, “the world’s funkiest diplomat.”

Unifying a cast of some of the world’s most electrifying musicians, performers, visionaries and artist, SONIC BLOOM, is an inspiring showcase of the best Colorado’s vibrant EDM scene and is at the forefront of the transformative festival movement. SONIC BLOOM has been credited for helping to break the careers of Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, Beats Antique and Pretty Lights as it is known for discovering and hosting the most progressive electronic innovators and live electronic acts with styles that span the electronic music spectrum: from the highly celebrated to completely unknown.

In that spirit, this marks the first year of The Road to SONIC BLOOM Tour, which will send a roving lineup of present, past and future SONIC BLOOM, Sonic Blossom and The Unified Field performers across the country to spread the BLOOM vibe. A combination of wildly varied lineup of DJs, producers, live electronic acts, with painters, dancers and performance artists will criss-cross the country this spring as we approach the summer festival. See a full list of dates and cities below.

To purchase tickets for SONIC BLOOM, please visit the official website:

Road to SONIC BLOOM Tour Dates:
Mar. 06 – Rebar – Seattle, WA
Mar. 07 – Refuge – Portland, OR
Mar. 08 – Domino Room – Bend, OR
Mar. 15 – WOW Music Hall – Eugene, OR
Mar. 19 – Canal Club – Richmond, VA
Mar. 20 – 8×10 – Baltimore, MD
Apr. 04 – 1904 Music Hall, Jacksonville, FL
Apr. 05 – The Nest, Miami, FL
Apr. 10 – The Parish, Austin, TX
Apr. 11 – Easter Island Festival, Keetonville, OK
May 2-3 Cervantes, Denver, CO



“Few events encapsulate Colorado’s electronic music scene like the sold out SONIC BLOOM”
Denver Post, 2013

“Fusing the freewheeling spirit of jam-based acts with the dance-floor-driven aesthetics of electronic music, this festival offers a fresh take”
Denver Westword, 2010

“One for the books”
Got Bass Music, 2012

“A must-see concert experience”
Colorado Daily, 2011

“Colorado’s biggest little music festival.”
Magnetic Magazine, 2012

“Quickly becoming one of the summer’s most highly anticipated events”
Headstash Magazine, 2012

“Sonic Bloom has grown to be one of the greatest showcases of all things beautiful in the electronica music scene”
Marquee Magazine, 2012

“Sonic Bloom takes the idea of a music festival and pairs it with the Burning Man philosophy of generosity, creativity, self-expression, and a fully immersive sensory experience”
Live Music Blog, 2012

“Sonic Bloom festival has delivered yet another stellar line up that stacks up against even the largest festivals in the country.”,2012

“SONIC BLOOM has become synonymous with cutting edge electronic music.”
Listen Up Denver, 2012

“Truly an unmatched sensation at any gathering I’ve ever been to, the smiles were enough to call it success”
Lost In Sound, 2012

Gem & Jam 2014 Recap and Review

Cutting our way from southern Colorado, we descended the gorgeous canyons near the Salt River onto the Sonoran Desert.

Tucson SaguaroAs the landscape started filling in with Saguaros, the antiquarian masters of the desert, we knew we were finally entering a new exciting world, the land of transformational festivals, where mystery, beauty and art are explored with open minds from around the world.

The Gem & Jam Festival is the musical and artistic complement to Tuscon’s Gem & Mineral Shows, the world’s largest collection of gorgeous raw and cut stones.

The Slaughterhouse, Tucson
These days I’m disenfranchised with the massively popular, super-corporate festivals, but Gem & Jam’s venue The Slaughterhouse was the right size for all the visionary art and music I could handle. As a former meat-packing plant that usually hosts haunted houses, It’s kind of an eerie place, but the indoor and outdoor stages set the right vibe for transformational fun.

The Wooks of Gem & JamGem & Jam is a wook-fest. If you’re like me and cringe at the sight of candy kids at raves, or barely stop yourself from fighting douchers at EDM shows, check out the brighter side of “the wookening.” Wooks are hairy creatures from strange and different planets. Their lifestyle doesn’t fit any other that I’ve discovered yet. They dress like trendy hobos, eat more psychoactives than food, and generally go to the land of no control. I’m no wook, but I’m more at home with the happy, reckless wook-style than the other wacky electronic scenes.

Highlights from the first night included Desert Dwellers, and Paul Basic and Supervision from the Pretty Lights Label. Supervision threw down some killer scratching, something I hadn’t seen at past shows and something he really needs to do more often.

The Motet at Gem & Jam
The first night’s standout was Colorado’s own renowned funk band, The Motet, who gave a proper shout-out to themselves as the only live band at a festival without many of ‘em. Thank God for the funk.

The second night was highlighted by Russ Liquid, a surprisingly versatile trumpet player who knows how to rock a show. Thriftworks produces a unique blend of trippy-ass sounds that eventually made us feel like we were leaving our bodies for another dimension. An interesting experience but I’d rather be on earth to feel the full festi-experience.

The Wooks of Gem & JamNot everyone agrees with me though. This girl literally blasted off into the next dimension on a DMT trip right underneath the stage. After 20 minutes or so she came back and seemed alright, but she was without her friends. This shows the importance of taking care of your friends at these events.

Elliot Lipp is one of my favorite producers, and he also played a great set during the second night that featured a lot of his greatest hits. His DJ skills are supreme, pulling little pieces from his songs that pan into the full song some of the time, but other times don’t and leave me tingling and wantin’ more.

The Wooks of Gem & JamAlex Grey’s visionary psychedelic art has captured the attention of people from around the world, and I was pleased to see his blissed-out demeanor while he painted with his wife Allyson and the musicians by his side. He humbly meets and greets his many fans, signing autographs and engaging in conversation with anyone who approaches him. Listening to him speak about the growing “love tribe” brought a serene lucidity to everybody there:

The indoor stage filled to the brim for Bluetech, whose melodic, flowing rhythms kept us dancing hard well past midnight. Mimosa closed out the night and unfortunately he only played one of his decent older songs. As we made our swift escape, we knew we made the right choice ‘cause the new “music” felt like it was ripping at the core of my very being.

The third night finally arrived and we couldn’t believe the festival was about to come to a close. Really upset at missing Lynx’s set, Govinda opened our night with some of that tasty bass we live for. Love & Light took it easy by holding back on the womps from the days-of-dubstep-old. Despite a generally choppy flow, they played a surprisingly fun and exciting set.

Random Rab at Gem & JamRandom Rab, the king of happy, good times, played with his friend Cedar on the drums. Rab’s known for setting legendary good vibes, and he sure didn’t disappoint at Gem & Jam this year. If you haven’t seen Rab yet, especially one of his famous sunrise sets, my advice to you is do it!

BoomBox at Gem & Jam 2014BoomBox brought their 70’s porno style that seems to travel with ‘em everywhere they go. Their sexy grooves are guaranteed to light up the night, unless they’re shut down in the middle of a song, which is exactly what happened. I guess Tucson has some strict laws on this stuff, but this was the weakest, most unceremonious ending to a festival I’ve ever seen.

Fire DancingI’m continuously impressed with the on-stage performers who dance, twirl fire and paint alongside the festival’s musical artists. Even random people hooping in the crowds are fun to watch. Regardless how people contribute to transformational festivals, it’s following through on our intentions to bring joy, healing, inspiration, fulfillment and peace into the world that makes a difference. This is our generation’s chance to leave our mark.

The Mystic Team: Dave & LaceyThe need to expand our collective horizons beyond the material world of money and basic needs has become painfully obvious. It’s time to reconnect with our higher, visionary core and rekindle our uniquely human drive for creativity and souls’ connections. Transformational festivals such as Gem & Jam foster a space to collectivize our creative efforts. The community artistic awakening that’s been blowing up around the world over the last several years is the kind of energy we should cherish to leave a brighter world for our grandkids, and I’m gonna keep participating in it any way I can.

Gem & Jam 2014 Preview

Gem & Jam 2014 Lineup

Funny how our ears and eyes can never get enough isn’t it? 2014’s Gem & Jam Festival is bringing all the right remedies with three nights of tantalizing music and intergalactic live art.

The 8th Annual Gem and Jam returns to 1102 W. Grant in Tucson, Arizona from February 7th-9th 2014.

Purchase Tickets View Event on Facebook View Schedule

Euphonic Conceptions, Infinite Music, New Earth MuZiQ & Challenger present:




SUPERVISION (Pretty Lights Music)
PAUL BASIC (Pretty Lights Music)

** All 3 Nights with visuals by Johnathan Singer
** Live Art, Performances, Gem & Mineral vending
** Travel / Hotel packages available
** Late Night Afterparties
** Day time Gem show tours
** Drawing Workshop w. Alex Grey

– Discount Presale 3 Day Pass ( for 1 Person )
Cost: $115.00

Travel Packages:
Platinum VIP ( for 2 People )
– Double or king room at Holiday Inn Express for 3 nights (within walking distance to the festival)
– 2 x 3-day passes to festival
– Artist meet & greet backstage each night after the event
– Driving tours of the gem show on Saturday and Sunday
– 2x entry to all official Gem & Jam associated events (workshops / late nights)
– Limited edition Gem & Jam T Shirts and Posters
Cost: $1299

Gold VIP ( for 2 People )
– Double or king room at Holiday Inn Express for 3 nights
– 2 x 3-day passes to festival
– Driving tours of the gem show on Saturday and Sunday
– Limited edition Gem & Jam T Shirts and Posters
Cost: $999

Silver VIP ( for 2 People )
– Double or king room at the Flamingo Inn for 3 nights
– 2 x 3-day passes to festival
– Limited edition Gem & Jam T Shirts and Posters
Cost: $699

Gem & Jam 2014 Lineup

Sonic Bloom 2013 Preview

One of the harder things to cope with while growing up in the US is an education system that prioritizes problem solving. An indispensable skill in the modern world no doubt, but it comes with the cost of leaving us ill-equipped to deal with the infinite complexities of existence outside of the here and now. Young Americans are left searching for something more.

Although traveling’s my favorite way to quickly wizen up, it’s only one amongst a million. One of the greatest things about life in the US is the growing movement seeking wisdom outside traditional institutions. It’s a movement powered by diversity and creativity, and tends to come together in camping and music festivals around the world. I’m lucky to call Colorado my home since it’s hosting Sonic Bloom, an amazing festival offering the chance to shape the collective efforts of Expanding Consciousness.

The 8th annual Sonic Bloom’s gonna be the place to grow The Trinity [Mind, Body & Soul] this festival season. Like other Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals, it centers around the core ritual of ecstatic dance, but also promises to boost The Body with activities like yoga classes, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and belly-dance classes. Located at Shadow’s Ranch near Georgetown, Colorado, the rolling hills and rivers of the Rocky Mountains frame a perfect backdrop for a little body enrichment.

Gaia by Alex Grey

Workshops on topics as diverse as earthship biotecture, Crossing the Event Horizon (based on Jungian psychology), sacred sound, Hindu metaphysics, and Toltec healing are being hosted to open pathways in The Mind. Jamie Janover’s presenting on an emerging “Unified Field Theory” which explains the evolution of the forces of nature and consciousness with references to ancient codes and architecture.

There’s over a hundred artists on hand this year to move the power of Soul. From musicians, to painters and drawers, to dancers and culinary masters, there’s enough inspiration here to get your fill for months. Some of the big musicians playing this year are Grouch & Eligh, Opiuo, Random Rab, Bluetech, Zilla, The Polish Ambassador, Minnesota, Phutureprimitive, Andreilien (Heyoka), Wick-it, ill-Esha, Love & Light, Future Simple Project, Russ Liquid…

Forest Medicine by Jamie Kaminskas

Sonic Bloom’s an exceptional gathering since it’s moving beyond the commercial party that characterizes bigger festivals to a place where awareness and creativity are fostered through intentional community building. It’s a place where we’ll find people working towards a unified spiritual field without dogma, doctrines or charismatic leaders, a place where each person can construct their own universal views with the support of other like-minded people.

I’ve been granted a press pass by the good folks pulling the show together, so stay tuned for a video log from my experience. For more information about the journey of transformational festivals, see the incredible series co-produced by Jeet-Kei Leung and Akira Chan, The Bloom.

Freddie McGregor – Irie Christmas

Hip hip hooray
What a Irie Christmas Morning!

Bill Withers – I Wish You Well

Bill Withers is a master of soul and good vibes. If this doesn’t make you happy, I can’t imagine what does.

Common Market – Trinity

With Sabzi DJ’ing behind him, RA Scion shares the one of the most tactful metaphysical treatises ever created. He nails the tripartite elements of reality (Mind, Body and Soul), AND delivers practical lessons for good living.

As with any work of art, the messages of this song are best understood with a little time. Study the lyrics before and again after listening. You’re “sublime clientele—-only time’ll tell if more are with us.” “Make a difference in the system with the wisdom that I gave ya.”

Crown City Rockers – B-Boy

Not too many groups in the hip-hop world can pull off the organic feel that Crown City Rockers flow with. If this song isn’t the anthem of the b-boys and b-girls out there, I dunno what is.

Blackalicious – World of Vibrations

It looks like Blackalicious is becoming the backbone of the soundtrack to the Good Life, so maybe it’s time to justify my emphasis on the great words of The Gift of Gab. No one can sell the phenomenon better than himself, so I’d like to invite you to the world of vibrations, a place where you know and live your truest true self:

Bob Marley & the Wailers – Positive Vibrations (Live in Germany, 1980)

Who better to kick off the Positive Vibrations channel than the King of Reggae and the Rastaman Vibration himself, Bob Marley? Revered as a legend by most, and a hero by others, the man’s increasing popularity 30+ years after his passing is a testament to the strength of his words, his music and the foundation of what he stood for. A true follower of the Good Life! If only I’d been fortunate enough to have been alive during his time. Even the video shows that his energy and power are touching a whole ‘nother level.

Meet Dave

Meet DaveUnfulfilled by consumer lifestyles, I left on a really slow trip around the world. As a 3rd eye traveler on the New American Dream, my aim is to inspire and cultivate conscious living along the way....Read More...

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Cliffjumping Hong Kong & Malaysia

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