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Ecuador is a stunningly diverse country. From the Galapagos Islands to the Pacific Coast, from the cordillera of the Andes to the mysterious and remote Amazon jungles, there’s a lot to see and do. This trip was my first experience with voluntourism.

A group of us from university associated through Engineers Without Borders to bring clean drinking water to an Andean village for the first time. This was no rag-tag operation though. We spent the year prior to the project planning and designing the system, and 2 weeks of hard labor to pull the project off. There were loads of challenges like working at high altitude, and trying to find building materials in a developing country, but it was well-worth the effort. Turning on that tap for the first time and seeing that we could finally make a difference in these good people’s lives was an amazing moment.

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Meet DaveUnfulfilled by consumer lifestyles, I left on a really slow trip around the world. As a 3rd eye traveler on the New American Dream, my aim is to inspire and cultivate conscious living along the way....Read More...

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Travel is a creative act—not simply loafing and inviting your soul, but feeding on the imagination, accounting for each fresh wonder, memorizing, and moving on. And the best landscapes, apparently dense or featureless, hold surprises if they are studied patiently, in the kind of discomfort one can savor afterward.
Paul Theroux



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