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Why Do Chinese Kids Love Michael Jackson So Much?

This is teaching English to spoiled Chinese kids in real life. I never figured out why the King of Pop is never gonna die in China, but at least he helped me kill time in class….

Biking Chinese Roads in Guangzhou

It’s a wonder that I’m here to share the video of my daily commute between teaching English jobs in Guangzhou.

Swimming Guangzhou, China’s Pearl River

To those who thought it couldn’t be done: it was a great swim. It didn’t kill me so I must be stronger, more resistance to nuclear fallout. Looking back, I’m shocked how ghostly I became after a year without seeing the sun beneath China’s protective sphere of pollution.

Chinese Workouts

This is a fine example of the massive cultural differences between China and the rest of the world. Why they waste their time with these “exercises” I’ll never know, just as I’ll likely understand very little about Chinese thought (even if I devoted the rest of my life to it). And yes I had to re-evaluate myself once I realized what I’d become: a creeper filming people from the bushes.

Meet Dave

Meet DaveUnfulfilled by consumer lifestyles, I left on a really slow trip around the world. As a 3rd eye traveler on the New American Dream, my aim is to inspire and cultivate conscious living along the way....Read More...

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