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For the wind beneath my feet


The modern world’s interconnections make it look small, yet it’s anything but. It takes little effort to see seven continents in seven days, but that doesn’t mean we own them. To get the most out of travel we gotta change the way we do it. Throw some creativity into smarter travel, spice it up with a little adventure, and you can feel the dilation of your mind’s eye. Regiment the dosage for the realization that our differences are just a matter of perception, and in spite of the cliché are only skin deep. The insurmountable beauty of earth and her passengers isn’t just a sight to behold, it’s an experience that compels us to live it and love it to the fullest.

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The Good Life

In the name of individual freedom

The Good Life

Even the longest human lives are just a glimmer of light in cosmological time. It’s up to us to maximize what we’ve got to live the way we will. Good living means fulfilling our dreams and doing exactly what we want with the limited time we’ve got. Happiness tows in hand with freedom, the ability to manifest our desires in the material world. Silence those voices that whisper “behave,” and hark to the call of the wild and the madness that is the essence of our collective being. Act on emotions and never deny your gut the chance to take you away. Every day is a new chance to tap the unseen sources of life within the depths of your mind.

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How many words is it worth?


I’m nothing beyond an amateur photographer, but the camera’s lens is slowly becoming a new eye. The proliferation of photo gear means there’s a heap of competition out there, but the age of internet sharing has also created an endless array of photo training. These days there are a lot of puritans and heathens when it comes to photo editing. I personally fall somewhere in the middle. I hate showing a picture to someone expecting to impress, and then saying, ah well you had to be there. Photo editing should be used as a way to bring back the moment of the shot whenever the camera or the man behind the machine fails their duties.

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Current Location: Malaysia

The Country That Never Sleeps

Malaysia stands tall as one of the brightest of Asia’s modernizing countries. After surviving the Financial Crisis of 1997 and maturing beyond export dependency, Malaysia’s wonderfully diverse culture has fully opened to the world. Beautiful landscapes and beaches are the backdrop to a friendly stew of Indian, Malay and Chinese cultures, and also an interesting blend of Islamic and Western values. This is one of my favorite destinations because English is widely spoken, cheap delicacies are readily available, and the people are as friendly as honey is golden brown.

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