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The Trinity: Mind, Body and Soul

We’re made to understand the body through words and symbols, but the mind and soul have limitless interpretations. If you wanna keep your Trinity healthy and powerful, practice critical thinking [Mind], get regular exercise [Body] and pursue the art of creativity [Soul].

For the best successes in this life and beyond, find a balance through the Trinity over time. Teachers and mentors are essential for development, but since we understand our strengths and weaknesses best, it’s up to us to create that balance.

Teachers are useful for introducing and refining technique, but don’t become reliant on them. The fundamental responsibility for self-improvement rests on our shoulders alone.

Fortunately there’s always someone who already said it best. Allow me to present ‘Trinity’ by Common Market:

Common Market – Trinity

With Sabzi DJ’ing behind him, RA Scion shares the one of the most tactful metaphysical treatises ever created. He nails the tripartite elements of reality (Mind, Body and Soul), AND delivers practical lessons for good living.

As with any work of art, the messages of this song are best understood with a little time. Study the lyrics before and again after listening. You’re “sublime clientele—-only time’ll tell if more are with us.” “Make a difference in the system with the wisdom that I gave ya.”

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Anyone who becomes involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man.
Albert Einstein



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